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Peter James to Showcase 1926 Burney V-Twin

22 April 2022

We will be showcasing the 1926 Burney V Twin on our stand (M71) at The International Classic MotorCycle Show, Stafford, 23-24 April.


In 1926, two brothers Cecil and Alick Burney built 2 identical motorcycles. Originally, they planned to produce them in quantity to sell in 1927, but despite being road tested, no more machines were made. In 1946, Cecil arranged the inaugural meeting of the VMCC held at the Lounge Cafe, Hog’s Back, Surrey; and took a photo of himself sitting on his bike. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of Alick’s bike is unknown and was reported as ‘lost’ back in 1947.

The Burney V-Twin Features:

  • 680cc JAP side-valve engine
  • Burman gearbox
  • Brampton forks
  • Eight-inch front and rear Royal Enfield brakes
  • Twistgrip for both the Binks carb’ and ignition
  • Bosch dynamo lighting
  • Electric horn

Visit the Peter James stand (M71) to view this historic motorcycle. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

An early road test report
VMCC Magazine Issue Number 14 June 1947, an excerpt written on the Burney 680cc V-Twin by editor Titch Allen:

On the road the first impression is that it is a modern design for the riding position is right up to date and the steering really first class. There is a steering damper operated by a quick action cam lever… another Burney touch, but it is not necessary, the fork action is as good as any girder fork and as the machine is fairly heavy and has a long wheelbase the comfort is unusually good for a vintage machine. Much thought has been expended on the controls which are finger light… the ignition is a left hand twist grip which makes for a clean bar and helps one to coax the utmost flexibility out of the low compression side valve J.A.P. twin. Flexibility is, of course, the strong point for although the engine will rev, it performs much better if one changes early and gives it some collar work.

Many thanks to Richard Duffin for the loan of this bike.

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