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Exciting news at NEC show

5 February 2021

We’ve chosen this year’s NEC Classic Motor Show with Discovery to unveil our new and improved offer for 2020.

We’ll be announcing details of significant product re-launches which are set to hit the market early next year at the flagship show at Birmingham’s NEC from November 8th – 10th.


Our team will be announcing the re-launch of our Multi-Vehicle policy, which will now cover a wider range of vehicle types than ever before, and offer even better rates.

Customers insuring one classic vehicle (car or bike) will be able to add any other vehicle, including extra classic car, classic bike, PLUS modern car, modern bike, commercial vehicle and more.


Come and see us in the Federation Village! This year we’ve teamed-up with the FBHVC for the show. As a Federation partner, our stand will be at the heart of the Federation Village, in pride of place at the entrance to Hall 5.

This eye-catching area, complete with ‘grass’ and picket fencing, will showcase an eclectic mix of unique vehicles, including a 1912 Baker Electric, a 1974 Zagato Zele city car and, taking centre-stage, a Midland Red double-decker Leyland Titan bus. We’ll be featuring in the area alongside fellow FBHVC partners, Duckhams, King Dick Tools, Cambridge & Counties Bank and Glasurit.

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